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Couples psychotherapy in Warsaw

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You can reach the psychotherapists directly:

Or email us at:

General inquiries: 22 100 44 20. If we are unable to answer, we will call you back.


Our center is located in South Downtown Warsaw.

Śniadeckich Street 1/15 Apt. 12
00-654 Warsaw, Poland

Staircase I, 3rd floor (elevator available).

Visits are by appointment only.

Geo Coordinates

--> 52.220903554630205, 21.014139877909432 or Google Maps.

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At the Couple Center, we offer support for couples facing various challenges, such as communication breakdowns, conflicts, intimacy and trust issues, parenting issues, and sexual problems. Our psychotherapists work with couples in a safe and supportive space, helping them express their feelings, needs, and concerns constructively and respectfully. Our center is conveniently located in central Warsaw.

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