Couples Therapy


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Information on marital psychotherapy in Warsaw

Couples therapy consultations

Sessions involve the couple and a therapist. Initial meetings are consultations where we collaboratively determine the areas of focus for therapy.


Meetings take place at Ĺšniadeckich 1/15 Street, appartment 12 in Warsaw, typically once a week, and last 60 minutes. For those not residing in Warsaw, online therapy is available. We offer sessions in both Polish and English.

Confidentiality of psychotherapy

All information shared during therapy, as well as the fact that you are attending therapy, is strictly confidential. The only exceptions are situations where there is a threat to the life or health of the clients or others, or in other cases mandated by law.

We adhere to the code of ethics of the Polish Association of Psychotherapists and Process Oriented Psychology Practitioners, to which we both belong. This association is a member of the Polish Psychotherapy Council, uniting Polish psychotherapists working in various therapeutic modalities.

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Our couples therapy center provides a supportive environment for relationships and marriages struggling with various issues, including communication breakdowns, conflicts, relationship crises, intimacy and trust problems, parenting challenges, and sexual concerns. Our experienced therapists work collaboratively with couples to create a safe space, empowering them to express their feelings, needs, and concerns in a constructive and respectful manner. Conveniently located in central Warsaw.

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